Being Charitable from Day 1

Here's how our charity model works:

1. Through the products you choose to use and/or sell, you can give as much as 100% of your Day 1 earnings to your favorite charity if you so desire! You can choose any charity, and if you belong to a group that already supports a charity, you can get the whole group started maximizing their giving!

2. Day 1 will match YOUR contribution each month - up to 10%! That's right! You'll be able to double your generosity! So for example, when you earn $1,000 in a month, and decide to give back 10% to your charity, your charity doesn't just get $100 - they receive $200!

NOTE: Donations are optional. You are not required to donate any Day 1 earnings in order to participate in our business model, or receive compensation from Day 1.

The Water Project
Concord, NH

Your support will enable us, along with our partners, to provide clean water in an African community for years and years to come. In partnering with us you have demonstrated a real love for your neighbors. We believe this work brings hope to the developing world and that your help will make a lasting difference in many lives.

Wounded Warrior Project
Jacksonville, FL

Your generosity to Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) speaks worlds about your concern for the servicemen and women who stand on the frontiers of freedom on our world today. They placed their lives on the line. Tens of thousands have been wounded in action or became ill in the extreme and hazardous conditions of the wars without fronts. What can I say to thank you for your loyalty to these men and women? How can I ever express my gratitude for your partnership in the great cause of the WWP? Obviously words can never measure my deep appreciation. -Steven Nardizzi, Executive Director WWP

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, TN

St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital is pleased to welcome Day 1 Corporation as one of newest donors. Your generous support helps the kids of St. Jude, where no family ever pays St. Jude for anything - in spite of the fact that it costs $1.8 million per day to run our hospital.

Grace Centers of Hope
Pontiac, MI

This year, requests for emergency shelter and supportive services has increased state-wide by 11%. Every dollar from individuals like you makes a difference in rescuing a lost soul from the streets and providing meaningful help to become productive members of society.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Bethesda, MD

Your generous gift will enable the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to take full advantage of the tremendous opportunities in CF research on the horizon.

Zoo Montana
Billings, MT

Thank you for your generous donation to ZooMontana. This wonderful gift is support that will allow us to continue the important educational and conservation work we do here at the Zoo.